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High Tech Crime Unit

Combating both Digital and Cybercrime within the Bailiwick

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The High Tech Crime Unit was formed to combine collective knowledge and investigative capability involving digital media across all of Guernsey Law Enforcement.

It provides the ability to combat both "Digital & Cybercrime" elements that are now regularly encountered in day to day Policing .

The unit consists of:

  1. Digital Forensic Examiners who specialise in the acquisition, processing and evaluation of data obtained from digital devices. These individuals are experts in their field and are accredited in the use of a variety of forensic software tools to ensure that the best evidence is identified and presented in accordance with the current guidelines.
  2. Police Officers trained with specialised Digital Media Investigative skills. These officers provide a central point of contact for all queries relating to cyber and digital policing, from delivering dedicated investigative support for Serious/Major Crimes to affording advice and guidance to investigations where the input of a digital investigator skillset would be of benefit.
  3. Network Investigators who assist investigations where the use of the internet / web may have been used to commit crime.

Phones, computers and electronic devices can be a huge source of information to all manner of  police investigations. As with general policing, digital forensic investigators work within the current legislation and recognised standard procedures but at the same time they also have to be inquisitive and able to adapt to new types of devices and technologies.

With the ever increasing amounts of digital data and devices, the HTCU is a very hectic and demanding department within Guernsey Law Enforcement. A recent pan-island initiative with the States of Jersey Police has linked together the knowledge and resources of both Hi-Tech Crime Departments to benefit both island communities with a more comprehensive capability to undertake these increasingly complex type of investigations in addition to improving both investigation times and information sharing.

Get Safe Online provides communities with up to date, real time information on current and emerging threats through the use of social media and the external website.

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