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BLE digital strategy

Policing is at a critical juncture. We either improve how we harness digital opportunities from existing and emerging technologies, or we are at risk of becoming overwhelmed by the demands they create and lose the chance to enhance and modernise our policing services. 

The same is true for border enforcement functions as we navigate in the new globalised post-Brexit environment. 

The States of Guernsey Government Work Plan states one of its key priorities this term is to 'accelerate the pace of public service reform and transformation' and Bailiwick Law Enforcement must recognise the need to respond to evolving demands on our service.  As highlighted in the States of Guernsey Digital Framework 2020 - 2025, Government is expected to deliver public services faster and more efficiently, the outcomes of which should mean:

• More public services made available online and faster and easier to use

• More streamlined and co-ordinated access to public services 

• Better use of data in decision-making and planning

While the Bailiwick continues to be one of the safest places in the British Isles to live and work, we are dealing with ever more complex criminality through the exploitation of new technologies, as well as new obligations to administer and enforce, as we operate with International trading partners, we need to keep pace with this complexity. The public also have more choice in how they engage with us, and we need to be able support all citizen interaction, as well as share information and data across agencies and forces in the interests of public safety.  This will allow us to build a more credible and richer intelligence picture. 

The full BLE digital strategy for 2022-24 can be found attached to this page. 

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