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Special Constables

Guernsey has three different types of Special Constable - A, B and C Division Specials.

A Division Specials have full Police powers within a locale - Hospital porters for example.

C Division Specials exercise their powers anywhere but only in control of traffic - e.g. vehicle escorts.

Although subject to the same discipline procedures A & C Division Specials are not employed by the Police.

B Division Specials have similar powers to regular Police Officers. They are employed in direct support to the regulars or in specialist areas like commercial fraud or traffic.

Recruits undergo the same selection process as regulars. The initial training consists of an induction weekend and four days of officer safety training. During the course of this training they learn to defuse and deal with conflict, amongst other things. Their learning continues on the street with their tutor as well as further training events. 

They reinforce the Christmas drink drive and shoplifting campaigns and often support response officers during the weekends.

We expect a great deal from our volunteers, they come in to do a job of work, not just to carry a uniform and in return they gain life skills, comradeship and job satisfaction.

Vacancies will be listed on www.gov.gg/careers

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