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Community Advisory Group

The Community Advisory Group has been running for some years in various forms, however since the pandemic, Bailiwick Law Enforcement have reformatted the meetings to give them a more specific focus. While they still exist to facilitate two way discussion between the community and law enforcement, the sessions will now revolve around themes, to allow thoughts and feelings around issues to be drawn out. 

Going forwards, the group aims to meet two to three times a year. 


  • Who is responsible for the Community Advisory Group?

    • DCO Ian Scholes
    • Ian Scholes latest
    • Deputy Chief Officer of Police Ian Scholes is the Chairperson of the Community Advisory Group.
    • Ian has 30 years of Police service and has led a range of operational and support services.
    • Ian.Scholes@guernsey.police.gg
    • Research and Strategy Manager Marie Mauger
    • Marie Mauger is responsible for administering the Community Advisory Group and taking forwards the actions arising from the meetings.
    • Marie has worked within Law Enforcement across both the Guernsey Border Agency and Guernsey Police for 16 years. Marie is particularly keen on hearing community concerns and making sure that BLE aims are aligned with these concerns.
    • Marie.Mauger@guernsey.police.gg
    • Communications Officer Stephen King
    • Stephen King is responsible for producing the communications arising from the Community Advisory Group meetings. This includes updating the website as well as administering social media.
    • Stephen works within the States of Guernsey communications team and provides communications support for a range services within the area of Home Affairs as well as for wider Government.
    • Stephen.King@gov.gg
  • How do I get involved with the Community Advisory Group?

    • The CAG has a core of group members comprised of established community group contacts. There is, however, a desire to reach a wider, more diverse group of attendees. As such, if you are interested in participating in future events, please email Community@guernsey.pnn.police.uk to register interest. Upcoming events will be advertised on the Community Advisory Group page of the Police website, as well as advertised on BLE social media.


  • Past Events

    • The latest CAG event took place on Wednesday 18th May discussing Road Harmony. A summary of the meeting can be found in the downloads section of this page.
    • The first event with the new structure took place on Tuesday 7th September discussing Violence and Intimidation Against Women and Girls (VIAWG). It was well attended and generated a number of actions for the organisation to take away, which are listed in the summary of the meeting which is in the downloads section of this page. Guernsey Police will be working with some attendees going forwards.
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