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Disc Parking

  • Disc Parking

    • Disc Parking zones are identified by blue signs bearing the words 'Disc Zone' which define the limit of the parking place and permitted parking times.
    • You must use a parking clock to indicate your time of arrival, day or night, when parking in a disc zone.
    • The time limit for that particular place starts from the time you parked your vehicle.
    • It is an offence to set your parking clock at an incorrect time of arrival, to fail to set your clock, to re-set your clock without moving your vehicle, or to overstay the time limit of that zone.
    • You must not park for longer than the specified period for that parking place unless that period ends after 6pm, in which case you may park until 8am the following morning - i.e. park in a 2 hour park at 7am, set your clock for 07.00, and move by 9am as the 2 hour period ends after 8am. Park in the same place at 5pm, set your clock for 17.00 and you can stay until 8am because the period ends after 6pm.
    • Having left a disc-parking zone you must not park within the same zone for 30 minutes.
    • Disc parking zones are in half-hour, hour, two-hour, three hour, five-hour, or ten-hour time limits. There are also 'approved parking zones' which are for 23-hour periods and do not require a parking clock to be displayed.
    • Parking clocks are available for purchase from Traffic & Highway Services at Edward T Wheadon House, the Information Centre, the Police Station, most garages, and a number of other retail outlets. A full explanation of the disc parking regulations can be found on the parking clock itself.
    • Residents of streets with a disc-parking zone may benefit from a Residents Permit - these are available only at Traffic & Highway Services at Edward T Wheadon House.
  • Sundays and Bank Holidays

    • Parking time is not limited on Sundays or Bank Holidays.
    • Therefore, if your time limit period ends after 6pm on the Saturday you can remain parked until 8am on the following Monday morning, or in the case of a Bank Holiday you do not have to move your vehicle until 8am on the Tuesday morning.
    • Unlimited Saturday parking
    • In the following disc parking areas the parking time is not limited on Saturdays as well as Sundays and Bank Holidays:
      • The Odeon Car Park
      • Salerie Car Park
      • Mignot Plateau
    • Therefore, in the above areas, if your time limit period ends after 6pm on the Friday you can remain parked until 8am on the following Monday morning, or until 8am on the Tuesday morning if the Monday is a Bank Holiday.
  • Parking for motorcycles

    • Motorcycles cannot be parked in a disc parking zone. They can however park in approved parking areas (23-hour parking) or any designated motorcycle park for a period not exceeding 23 hours.
  • Parking at night

    • Vehicles parked at night must show lights unless they are parked in a disc zone or approved parking place. Single parking lights are not allowed. Vehicles must not be parked facing oncoming traffic.
  • Suspension of parking

    • Permission can be given by Traffic & Highway Services for disc-parking to be suspended, in which case warning signs are put out and parking is not allowed between the signs for the duration of time specified on the signs.
    • Parking is only suspended if absolutely necessary, for reasons such as to allow work to be carried out on that road, to allow removal lorries to park, or to allow skips.
    • Requests to suspend parking must be made before 10am on the day before the suspension is required to be effective; or if it is in a 23-hour parking zone then the request must be made before 10am two days prior to the suspension.
  • Paying a Fixed Penalty Notice

    • These can be paid online by scrolling down to find the section entitled Fixed Penalty Notices
  • Contesting a Fixed Penalty Notice

    • Anyone wishing to contest a Fixed Penalty Notice must attend Police Headquarters to make an official statement Contesting a Fixed Penalty Notice
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