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BLE Awards evening 2022

Chief Officers Commendations were handed out to officers who have acted in a particularly exemplary way when dealing with difficult situations, while a number of individual awards for outstanding achievement and excellent work were also handed out.

Among those commended were PS Lewis, PC Bailey, PC Manning, PC Potter, PC Winberg, and PC Slann; all of whom received a Chief Officer's Commendation for their actions when dealing with an attempted suicide last year. Together, they acted as a professional team, working in a difficult area of the island, and successfully administered first aid, all of which culminated in them saving a life.

The Officers also received the Chief Inspector Richard Mauger Award for Outstanding Achievement for the same incident; congratulations to each of them.

Other Chief Officer's Commendations were presented to GBA Officers, DC Dutot, and DC Simon, a each for separate investigations.

The commendations are issued for resilience and tenacity in bringing complex investigations to a conclusion.

Certificates of recognition are also issued at the awards evening, for members of the wider community who have aided Law Enforcement, or for people wo have gone above and beyond in helping others.

This year, a group of volunteers from Guernsey Caring for Ex-Offenders and Lynn Davis and Roy Luxon were both recognised for going above and beyond.

Other awards given out were as follows:

·       Len Townsley Award for Meritorious Service to the Community - PC Dover

·       Island Police Committee Sports Achievement Trophy - PC Dover

·       Francis Quin Trophy for Outstanding contribution to effective team working - both the GBA Border Enforcement Shifts and the Target and Investigation Unit

·       The Chief Officer George Le Page Trophy for Outstanding Achievement - DCs Simon and Dutot

·       The Chief Officer Rob Prow Trophy for Outstanding Achievement by a member of Customs and Immigration staff - Customs Officer Jamie Edwards

Head of Law Enforcement, Chief Officer Ruari Hardy, said:

"The pandemic has seen the world change both from the perspective of organisations but also personally for everyone, and as a result, Law Enforcement staff have faced up to challenges both professionally and personally. Our awards evening is an opportunity to acknowledge some of the work undertaken that enabled this organisation to come through a very difficult time as well as the incredible Law Enforcement work that has been undertaken.

"The breadth of operational and investigative work across Law Enforcement is astonishing; staff cover off the visible high-profile functions, but what is not often seen is the work that needs to be undertaken behind the scenes, this allows business, commerce and so much within our community to just take place safely and securely. The organisation works tirelessly in so many areas, and despite the pandemic, law enforcement is an area of improving and adapting our services to the demand of our communities against the availability of resources. I'd like to take this opportunity to say another thank you to all of our staff for their commitment and eminent professionalism."

Deputy Rob Prow, President of the Committee for Home Affairs, who presented many of the awards on the night, said:

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