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Bailiwick Law Enforcement statement: BLE does not find evidence to indicate a breach of Section 22 of the Civil Contingencies Law

Bailiwick Law Enforcement (BLE) can today confirm that it has pursued all legitimate and proportionate lines of enquiry to establish whether there is any evidence that a breach took place of Section 22 of the Civil Contingencies (Bailiwick of Guernsey) Law 2012, which relates to confidentiality.

BLE carried out a scoping exercise in response to significant media coverage of an email allegedly written by a local hotelier, and a separate alleged 'WhatsApp' message.  While BLE felt it was appropriate and necessary to make initial enquiries to determine if there may have been a breach of the law, it should be noted that no formal complaint has been made.

These enquiries did not constitute a formal investigation.  The information gathered in these enquiries was independently reviewed by The Law Officers of the Crown who advised there was no evidence to indicate there had been a breach of the law and that further investigation into a breach of Section 22 was not warranted.

Separately, an investigation into a self-isolation breach has already seen two people linked to a local hotel dealt with through the Magistrate's Court.  This investigation has not identified any link to a breach of Section 22 of the Civil Contingencies Law, but elements of this investigation are still ongoing and no further comment can be made about this matter.

As is always the case, Bailiwick Law Enforcement will review its position if new evidence comes to light.  However, all of its enquiries to date relating to the confidentiality of the Civil Contingencies Authority have not found evidence that would warrant further investigation.

Bailiwick Law Enforcement will not be making any further comment on these matters.

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