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Reintroduction of NPIs for Bailiwick Law Enforcement

This means all staff in Police Headquarters, at the White Rock and New Jetty offices, and at other locations when in shared spaces will be wearing face coverings, socially distancing and ensuring they are taking all hygiene precautions, such as regularly hand sanitizing.

The Head of Law Enforcement has made this decision as a preventative measure should cases begin to rise - the organisation is not aware of any information that is not publicly known.  With the increase in the number of travellers and ongoing work with respect to self-isolation and possible breach investigations, the Chief Officer wanted to ensure the organisation was in as resilient a position as possible.

There won't be any changes to the services Law Enforcement deliver, although the public might notice officers wearing masks again for example, when more than one officer is in a police vehicle.

Head of Law Enforcement, Chief Officer Ruari Hardy, said:

"We want to step up early to make sure we do everything we can to protect the public and our organisation while learning to live with COVID-19. I have a responsibility to ensure we can continue to deliver our crucial services across the Bailiwick. NPIs will help make sure we can do this, whether there is a cluster that affects Law Enforcement or not. We have already witnessed events in Alderney, and our colleagues on the northern isle embraced these changes immediately, and we are now doing so across the entire organisation. Our principle responsibility is to keep the public safe and these basic steps are designed to support this objective given we have a limited number of staff. This action is similar to what has taken place within our health services. We will keep these measures under constant review."

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