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To contact us please call either 824999 or 725111. You will be put through to the Joint Emergency Services Control Centre. In an emergency call 999 or 112.

Police Landrover Alderney Police Station Alderney

The wonderful island of Alderney is policed by a small team of resident officers - Police Constables Richard "Fish" Flatres, James Taylor and Paul Maurice.

Crime rates are extremely low and the officers are able to deal with most incidents without relying on their colleagues in Guernsey, but they do have the facility to call on the whole range of specialist police officers and civilians working in Guernsey for support if necessary.

Like most things, community engagement processes are different in Alderney. Our resident officers are well known in the island and deal with enquiries on and off duty.

The social scene reaches a peak during Alderney Week when the population is thought to double. Guernsey officers come over to help out - rumours of an ulterior motive regarding dominance of the tug of war competition are unproven!.

Police Constable 153 James Taylor

Police Constable 173 Richard Flatres

Police Constable 81 Paul Maurice