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Media statement on 8th July

Two specialist dogs will arrive in the island on Sunday to help with the search for Steven Corbet, who has been missing since Monday 27th June.

The dogs, known as victim recovery dogs, and their handlers are based with Kent Police and the Met Police respectively - but are utilised nationwide.

Their handlers will meet with local officers involved in the investigation on Sunday, before the dogs begin searching the Pleinmont headland from Monday.

Our officers carried out an extensive search of the Pleinmont area for 10 days following Steven's disappearance, but found no trace of him. As a result we must reluctantly acknowledge that the chances of finding him alive and well are remote.

Family liaison officers continue to support Steven's family, who have been made aware of the latest developments in the investigation.

We would please ask dog walkers to avoid the area - Portelet Kiosk to the Fairy Ring - from Monday morning until further notice to allow the specialist dogs to focus on carrying out their important task.