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Media statement on 1st July

The Guernsey Police wish to advise that efforts continue to locate Steven Corbet, who is still missing.

A co-ordinated search effort has continued over the past two days and does so this morning, this has involved specialist Search Trained Police Officers, combined with Channel Island Air Search, Guernsey Ambulance Inshore Rescue and the Civil Protection Volunteers. These are focused around the area that Steven was last seen, getting off a bus outside The Imperial Hotel Rocquaine, at 12.04pm Monday 27th June 2016.

The Guernsey Police sincerely appreciate the amount of public support that has been received via the Police Incident Room (01481-719474). House to house enquiries are continuing and a Police information point is located at Pleinmont. Guernsey Police also note the offers of support from the public viewed through social media.

Although at this stage the co-ordinated search effort continues the public are requested to check their gardens and out-buildings, should Steven have taken shelter or become trapped.

We are now entering the fifth day of this enquiry and increasing concern for Steven's safety and wellbeing exists. As such, public support continues to assist in the direction of this investigation,  the Guernsey Police continue to seek information from the public regarding Steven's movements or whereabouts.'

Additional Update:

Guernsey Police advises that a co-ordinated search continues in the Pleinmont area to locate Steven. As well as Specialist Police Search Teams  assistance has been gained from Jersey States, in the form of a specialist search 'Drone' and operator.

This specialist piece of equipment will be utilised to compliment the current search effort from 4.30pm today, this piece of equipment will remain at the disposal of the Guernsey Police as the search continues. As such the Guernsey Police wish to advise the public that the Drone will be operating around the area of Pleinmont this evening and over this weekend.