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Deportation of two rapists following release from prison

Two rapists have been deported.

Portuguese nationals Ruben Almeida, 32, and Bruno Loreto, 34, were convicted in 2012 - along with another man - of raping a 23-year-old woman.

Almeida was deported to Lisbon on Thursday 28th April 2016 and Loreto was deported to Madeira yesterday (Monday 16th May 2016).

Risk assessments were carried out and determined that commercial flights could be used for both. At the request of the airlines, both men were escorted by a Guernsey Border Agency officer and a police officer on the respective flights to Gatwick and then on to Lisbon and Madeira.

Both deportations passed without incident.

This was a horrific attack on a vulnerable woman, who showed incredible strength throughout the investigation and subsequent trial. These deportations again highlight that Guernsey authorities will do everything possible to remove foreign nationals who commit serious or persistent crime here.

Law enforcement is grateful for the assistance of the UK Border Agency in helping to ensure the smooth transfer of the men to Portugal.

Almeida and Loreto appeared before the Royal Court for sentencing in October 2012. They were sentenced to 10 years in prison for rape, after being found guilty at trial.

As part of the sentence, the Royal Court recommended that they be deported upon release from Les Nicolles. Immigration prepared the case, which late Lt-Governor Air Marshal Peter Walker considered before making a deportation order. 

The other rapist convicted alongside Almeida and Loreto received an eight-year sentence. Jose Pinto was deported to Madeira in April last year upon release from prison.