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Control Room


Our Control Room is the hub of police communications across the Bailiwick of Guernsey.

The Control Room operates from a specialist room based at police headquarters and is normally staffed by a police officer and a civilian police controller. It is overseen by the Duty Inspector.

They operate a 24-hour system to handle a large number of incidents at any one time, aiming to ensure the safety of the public and our officers.

The Control Room handles 999 emergency calls and non-emergency calls and the deployment of our frontline police officers throughout the Islands. Officers are deployed to emergencies immediately, getting to you safely and as quickly as possible.

The Control Room is the first point of operational command for all major incidents, where the Duty Inspector takes command during the initial stages until a more senior officer becomes available.

Emergency calls to police from other emergency services and alarm monitoring centres are also handled by Control Room staff.

The Control Room is equipped with mapping technology to allow Control Room staff to find locations quickly and all CCTV networks are monitored from here.

Calls are recorded for action and/or further investigation. The incident 'logs' are then sent electronically and securely to other departments for notification or to undertake further non-emergency investigations.