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Work Experience

"Guernsey Police welcomes the opportunity to meet students on the work experience programme. For those who may be considering a career in policing, it will enable them not only to have a better understanding of what the role entails, but will give officers of all ranks, the prospect of forging strong links with members of the community". - James Bell, Learning and Development Manager for Law Enforcement.

Students attending a placement on works experience with the Guernsey Police

  • Develop key skills through the experience of work.
  • Gain an insight into the work of a Police Constable.
  • Understand how Police Staff assist in the support role.
  • Gain information on which to base decisions for their future career.

Placements can be arranged with the following departments:

  • Operational Patrol
  • Management Shadowing
  • Police Vehicle Workshop
  • IT Department
  • Scenes of Crime (SOCO)

The following paraphrases a works experience diary submitted in October 2012: 

"During my placement I learned a lot about the Police Force which I have never known.  I spent some time with the SOCO, we went to a stolen van.  That was interesting.  I spent some time with the woman who updates the PNC (Police National Computer) and the man who does the Firearms Licensing.  I went to the Armoury to see some of the seized/stored firearms; I had never held a real firearm until that day.  I went to see the evidence room and the room which stores the officers' uniform and equipment.  I spoke to Superintendent Dowding, that was brilliant and I received a lot of advice which helped me with my future plans.  Being in the Control Room was the highlight of the first day; it was really interesting and brilliant to see how the Control Room operates and to see the CCTV cameras.

"The second day was incredible!  I was taken to the garage when I arrived to meet PC 109, she took me to round up some cows opposite Hautes Capelles Primary School, when we arrived it turned out the farmer had already rounded them up into the field.  We carried on the patrol and pulled over a motorcycle.  That was a bit of a thrill.  We drove around for about an hour before we got called to the Cobo Coast Road area, we responded on blue lights and sirens!  The response made me full of adrenaline, it was just amazing!  When we arrived back at the Police Station, I was lead to the Front Area to meet Lisa the Neighbourhood Police Officer, we were called to Alliance where a shoplifting had occurred, we got details from the Assistant Manager and went to find the vehicle.  Lisa gave chase on foot while I waited inside the car.  The offenders were arrested and taken back to the station.  When we got back, Lisa filled out some paperwork and then Lisa and another officer searched the vehicle.  Then I spent the rest of  my time in the Control Room.

"I had such an amazing work experience!  This work experience has made me guarantee this is the job I want in the future."

Students interested in a work experience placement with the Guernsey Police should speak to their careers advisors.