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Neighbourhood Policing Team

Insp 84 Andy Whitton Inspector Andy Whitton.

Heads up the Neighbourhood Policing Team  as Inspector responsible for Guernsey, Alderney and the Special Constabulary.

Joined the Police service in 1995 with Avon & Somerset Constabulary working as a response officer and then in the Neighbourhood Police Team as a beat manager for the area of Staplehill, Bristol.

In August 2001 he transferred to Guernsey Police working as a uniformed patrol officer and then 18 months later moved to the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) as a Detective Constable.  In 2003 he was promoted to Sergeant and during 2005 moved back to CID as a Detective Sergeant.  In September 2007, he moved to the Commercial Fraud and External Affairs department, where he stayed for the next 6 years.  

During the latter part of 2012 he was promoted to Detective Inspector and moved to the Professional Standards Department.  2015 saw a move to uniform operations and in September 2016 he took up his current role within the Neighbourhood Policing Team.   




182 PC 182 Nick Boughay - Vale and St Sampsons

Nick joined the Hertfordshire Police after serving in the Army. He transferred to Guernsey where he worked as a response officer before joining the Neighbourhood Policing Team. He is also a member of the police search team.

The north of the island is Nick's patch and you'll regularly see him cycling from job to job (no matter what the weather).  




Gary Ashford 2017 PC 119 Gary Ashford - St Peter Port town centre

Gary joined the Metropolitan Police in 1988. He worked as a response officer within the stolen vehicles squad and on a neighbourhood team in Bermondsey.

He transferred to Guernsey in September 2001 where he joined a response shift. He then moved to the Neighbourhood Policing Team where he worked primarily in Le Bouet. His role has developed over time and he now focuses on the central areas within St Peter Port..




Garry Moore PC 151 Garry Moore - St Martins and St Andrews

Born in Norfolk, England, Garry moved to Guernsey in 1988 after serving in the Royal Navy for eight years.  He joined Guernsey Police in 1998 and saw the move as very much going back to his roots - working in a close environment with people from different backgrounds with different ideas.

Garry joined the Neighbourhood Policing Team in 2014 and sees the department as the best place to work in order to strike the perfect balance between working with other professional agencies and members of the community who need help. He is search team trained and also operates as a family liaison officer.

Garry's patch includes St Martins and St Andrews.




Sophie Robilliard PC 143 Sophie Robilliard - Southern parishes

Sophie was born in Guernsey and joined the Guernsey Police in 2012 as a new recruit.  After serving as a response officer for two years, she joined the Neighbourhood Policing Team's summer cycle team.  Following that placement she continued working in NPT (at that time on a temporary basis) to cover the St Peter Port patch, followed at the beginning of 2015 by a move to take responsibility for the southern parishes.

Sophie's placement in NPT became permanent in January 2016. She is currently responsible for St Saviour's, St Peter's, Torteval and Castel.




St Peter Port North

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