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Road Safety Initiative

Cyclists riding without lights

1st October to 30th November - 2012

Cyclists seen riding during the hours of darkness without lights in Guernsey - will be issued with a fixed penalty notice - together with a note.

Road Safety Scheme

You have been issued with a Fixed Penalty Notice / Ticket (FPT) for the offence of riding your cycle without displaying correctly fitted lights, during the hours of darkness.

You have two options:

  • Pay the FPT (details are on the notice)


  • On production of the FPT to a representative of one of the below named cycle dealerships, they will fit a new set of lights to the cycle, at your expense.Once completed, they will issue you with a certificate confirming that the work has been done.

Ian Brown

Cycle World

Adventure Cycles


If you then attend at the Police Station within 14 days of the issue of the FPT, together with the certificate and the FPT, it will then be cancelled.

Failure to comply with either of the two options may result in a summons to appear in Court.

The concept behind this scheme is to improve road safety.Not only to protect your future safety, but also to reduce the risk of innocent motorists having on their conscience that they may have caused you serious injury or worse.

Guernsey Police hope that you participate in this scheme.