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Week Twelve

Student Officer Peter Falla reflects on week 12 of the training programme

Week 12 started off with our second big exam which we were dreading, however all the hard work we had put in up to this point really had paid off because we all passed.

After the exam we began our PEACE interview training which is a fundamental part of police work and teaches us how to ask effective and relevant questions. This was also the first week since the start of the course that we have been separated as a group, four of us were learning how to take a good witness statement - which is essential to any investigation -  and the other four were being taught how to conduct interviews with suspects. Our group was also joined this week by two members of staff from the secondary investigation unit, which was good because it gave us the opportunity to start getting to know more people around the station.

Tuesday morning bought about another fitness test and again everyone's fitness is getting better with every test. In the afternoon we learnt about the models we use to establish what has happened when speaking to witnesses and how to identify topical areas within their answers so that we can ask further questions to get more detail in their own words for their statement. 

Wednesday morning was our first inspection in our No. 1 uniform (our Police tunics).  Most of us spent all the previous evening ironing and pressing our shirts, tunics and trousers. Our inspection was carried out by DCO Nigel Taylor and I think all of our work had paid off because we looked very smart. In the afternoon we put the theory in to practice and carried out some practical exercises with acting witnesses where we had to write full statements from the information given to us.

This continued on Thursday and Friday as we took many more witness statements.  It was an important exercise because when we go on shift, taking statements is a very important part of being an effective police officer.

Student officer 138 Peter Falla