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Wk 13 - PEACE Interviewing...there's more....

By Student Officer Sophie Browning

We began this week studying the theory underpinning suspect interviews. We looked in detail at Code C of the Police Powers and Criminal Evidence Act which covers the treatment of detained persons, including in interview, and revisited the various question types we covered last week. We also learned more about the role of legal advisers in suspect interviews and covered the planning and preparation required before conducting an interview.

Following a day of theory-based lessons it was time to put our knowledge and skills into practice on Tuesday and conduct our first suspect interviews. Working in pairs, one taking the lead of the interview and the other scribing, we were each presented with a different scenario in which we were required to interview a role player acting as a suspect. In each case, we were faced with different challenges to deal with whilst the rest of the group observed to ensure we were all able to learn from each scenario.

Wednesday was another full day of interviews, with the pairs switching roles to give the scribe an opportunity to be the lead interviewer. Again, we were faced with various scenarios which each presented their own challenges, but it was clear that everybody had taken on board the feedback they were given the previous day and had improved!

We spent the rest of the week updating our Professional Development Portfolios to include the interview practicals conducted in the last couple of weeks and also had another personal tutorial. We all agree that whilst conducting the interviews in front of the rest of the group was challenging, we've all learned a lot from these scenarios and are looking forward to gaining more interview experience on shift!