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Wk 16 - The end is now in sight......


Week 16 started off with a full day input on Domestic Violence, explaining how we should look out for and deal with such offences. I felt that this lesson was an eye opener and I gained a lot of knowledge from the input. Before the lesson I did not know how to recognise tell tale signs of domestic violence in detail. We all now have a much clearer understanding of what to be looking out for, and how to deal with domestic violence incidents.

Tuesday was the last inspection for the team before we pass out in August, and it was an excellent inspection with no faults from anyone. Our standard has gone from strength to strength.

The rest of the week was filled with numerous vital topics and short lessons such as Autism, Mental Health, Sudden Deaths, Firearms, and CCTV input. All these lessons have broadened our knowledge to prepare us for when we go on shift.

Before the course started I had very little knowledge of mental health and I now believe I can recognise signs of a mental health patient and feel I would be able to handle a situation when it arises. As a team we all gained valuable knowledge from this lesson.

Due to a change in the schedule we had a full afternoon free, we used the time effectively by re-visiting some of the roleplay scenarios from earlier in the course. It was a nice refresher for all of us, and we all had the opportunity to do a scenario with very limited prep time which meant we had to quickly think on our feet and make a decision on how we were going to deal with our scenario. This proved to be a very helpful lesson and re confirmed our understanding of the some of the law and police powers.

We also took full advantage of any revision time given to us, with only two weeks remaining before our final exam. This is a pass/fail exam so very important for us all to pass.

I think it's safe to say we are all developing extremely well