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Week Sixteen

Student Officer Louise Potter describes a week of consolidation role-play exercises as they near the end of the training and development programme.

Week sixteen began with a consolidation role play exercise, which would last 2 days and require us to run an incident from initial attendance all the way through to court.

The first day centred around the incident itself.  We attended, made an arrest and completed our pocket note book entry.  Our suspect was then transported back to the station and handed over to custody. We then planned our victim and suspect interviews. In the afternoon, a witness attended the station and we set about conducting a witness interview in order to obtain a witness statement from them.

Day two started with our suspect interview, which we had planned the previous day. Once this had been completed we took the findings to the Custody Sergeant to find out if we had enough evidence to charge the suspect. We then used NICHE, the computerised Police report system to log the incident and added both ours and the witness statement. We also added all the involved people, addresses and any property seized.  In addition we added the disc interview from the suspect interview into the NICHE system and then completed a case file and summary of evidence to be read in court.

The following day began with an input on missing people and how to investigate these cases. We then went up to the Joint Emergency Services Control Centre (JESCC) control room to get an insight as to how they operate. We then learnt how to navigate our rota system which displays our shifts (known as CARM) and finished the day with drill - which was one of the final sessions before our pass out.

The next day started with Children's Law, where the Public Protection Unit (PPU) explained what we do in incidents concerning children and our powers in different areas.

We finished with a lesson on Winscribe - our voice recording system for writing up statements. Finally we worked on completing evidence sheets for the consolidation exercise.

These evidenced what targets we had met during the role play, in regards to our training and development programme.


Student Officer Louise Potter