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Week Six

Officer Safety Training gets under way - Trainee Officer Jordan Taylor reflects on the first five days

In week 6 we started our Officer Safety Training (OST), completing 5 days out of the 8-day programme. As a group, we didn't know what to expect going into the programme, but from the minimal information provided from the training team about the week, we were told to expect an intense 8 days. For this training, we were joined by a member of the Guernsey Border Agency, as well as two constables from Sark. The OST was not lead by our usual training team, and instead we had three specialist trainers taking us through the course. This meant that we could get to know more people within the Police force.

The week started off with an input of the Use of Force legislation along with a PowerPoint on a close body combat style that the Police use. We finished the day practicing the fundamental skills against one another in group work.

Day 2 started with a PowerPoint input on Acute Behavioural Disorder & Positional Asphyxia Awareness. These are two very important areas a Police Officer must have knowledge and understanding of, due to the medical threat it poses in certain situations.

By day 3, the whole group were feeling very achy and tired from the physical demands of the programme.  However, were all motivated and happy to be out of the classroom and doing lots of physical learning.

On the morning of day 3, we had a refresher session on the skills we had developed when learning how to carefully restrain people and the learning moved further into that area too.  We finished the day being taught about irritant sprays and live irritant spray drills. These drills related closely to what could potentially happen during a situation whilst on shift.

Day 4 focused on the techniques and correct procedures when searching an individual. The morning consisted of handcuffing whilst standing and the day finished on multi-officer team drills.

To finish the week, we had an exam covering all the areas that we had been taught throughout the week. The group worked very hard and were well prepared for the exam, with everyone passing.

It was a very physical and intense week, meaning we were all exhausted, but we pushed through and worked on groundwork skills. To finish the day the training team created role play scenarios for the group to demonstrate everything we had learnt, allowing us to put the skills into practice in situations that we could potentially face. Although the week was very intense and physical for all of us, we all put 100% effort in throughout, and we remain focused and ready for week 7.