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Week Six

Student Officers PLAYER and CUSACK tell us how their weeks went.....

Week six at the GBA and the knowledge keeps building as the weeks fly by. We are getting to put many of the learned procedures and laws into practice by carrying out role plays to simulate what may happen in the channels. We are now practicing and perfecting our initial questions, note book entries and searches of persons and baggage as well as learning the skill of questioning passengers to enable us to discover inconsistencies or errors in their stories or reasons for travel.

On Wednesday and Thursday we had an exciting, enjoyable and useful well earned break from the intensity when we did our RYA level 2 powerboat course. This enables us to use the GBA dory in and around the harbour and island to visit and check visiting boats and yachts. The weather was kind to us as it was dry and warm for a December day. The highlight we all agreed was the "man over board" drill which was carried out in the Russel between Guernsey and Herm. The swell made the drill challenging and hugely exciting. We were all much inspired by the instructors and the friendly, fun and informative way the course was delivered.  

The end of the week finished with another tense and testing day of role plays in the morning and  just after lunch. We then finished with drill which we are all getting slowly but surly in step with, thanks to some expert additional practice with our Police colleagues last week at the officer safety training course.


Now Week 6 for the Police students and, after a challenging week of Officer Safety Training we were all back into the classroom to learn more law. This week was all about Stop and Account, Criminal Damage and Fraud. We went very in depth to all these aspects of our lessons in order to learn everything we needed to know about these subjects. 

On the Monday we started off with an exam of the past 5 weeks to test our knowledge of what we had learnt. I am happy to report all student officers passed the exam. Shortly after the exams we started to learn the background behind Stop and Account which is very similar to Stop and Search it was enjoyable to test our knowledge on when to use stop search and when just to use stop and account. 

Tuesday morning was all about looking the part, yes it was our second inspection. All student officers arrived early at Police HQ's to brush up, look smart and check each other over ready for our inspection by one of our Chief Inspectors. All student officers looked very smart but there is always room for improvement, after some feedback about what we could improve on we moved on to practical work. The rest of the day was entirely about Stop and Search and Stop and Account, we were based down Lowlands Industrial Estate and we were challenged to decide between what our options were, whether that be search or account. The role players played a vital part in helping us make the correct decision, so thank you again to them! 

Wednesday was all about Criminal Damage, it was interesting to learn between the 4 different categories of which someone can cause criminal damage, whether that be accidental, careless, reckless or intentional. After lunch we did some practicals in relation to Criminal Damage, another roleplayer joined us for that day and challenged us with our questioning skills, we needed to get enough information out of that person in order to correctly identify the offence. All in all we all enjoyed this day. 

Thursday, we moved on to the big and complex subject of Fraud. This subject was a big surprise to me as I did not know how many different types of fraud offences could be committed, After some very in depth learning into what Fraud was we moved onto the practicals. The practicals for fraud were the most challenging yet, this is because there were quite a few different offences under this law and our trainers were really challenging us to arrest the person under the correct one. 

Friday was mainly in the classroom for the morning, we learnt about Criminal Attempts. We had to learn about what amounts to an attempt and if a person had not completed a crime whether they were guilty of that offence. The afternoon was spent learning drill in order for our passing out ceremony in February, we are all doing well we just have to remember to stand up straight and not move! That's all for this week.....