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Week Seventeen

Our students receive their shift allocations as their training programme nears completion

On Monday we started off by meeting at the Police station and our first lesson was based upon domestic abuse. This lesson was taken by PC Simon Hamon and he told us what forms we need to complete when we attend an incident and also what questions we need to ask. The afternoon brought much excitement between us all as we were told our shift allocations and who our tutor constables would be for when we are on shift.

Tuesday morning started very quickly.  When myself and PC Taylor arrived, we were straight away taken to meet our shift.  We met all the PC's our Duty Inspector and one of our shift Sergeants. This was very daunting at first as we were meeting a group of more experienced officers but they soon put us at ease and we settled in and had a good introductory chat with all of them. Everyone seems eager to get onto shift and put everything we have learnt into practice. The rest of the day saw us have inputs from different departments from around the station  and the final hour at the station was allocated for us to finish our PDP's (development programmes). We then headed to drill practice and with pass out fast approaching we needed to get it right, we practiced for an hour and have everything almost polished off, we have one more practice on the day in the court building to perfect it.

Wednesday was the day we had to hand in our PDP's for evaluation and having all spent considerable amount of time working on them in and out of our working hours they should be a good standard. We then as a group did some research on mental health and different mental health issues which we may come across in our career.

Thursday brought the unexpected to all of us. The day started normally and our lesson began at 08:00, by the time 09:00 had came along we had been called to duty by our superiors. This excited us all but made us nervous at the same time. This would be the first time we where to go out in the field. We were supervised for most of the day and spent the majority observing other officers conduct their duties. We chipped in at points where we could but it was very helpful observing and we learnt a lot watching the theory we had learnt being used in a real life practical situation. It made it all feel real and prepared us for when we go on shift in a little over a weeks time.

Friday had us out in the field for the whole day. We arrived at 07:45 and where in a briefing by 08:00. We were split into three teams and this gave us the opportunity to work more independently from one another and work with new people who we will be on shift with. This was good as we had only been working between the 8 of us and our trainers for the past 16 weeks. This day only further prepared us and showed us more of the reality of Policing, which is a very busy one! This had us under no illusions for when we are warranted and on shift that we will be under pressure and busy, but so far we have all coped and thrived under pressure.

By the end of the two days out in the field we were ready for the weekend and this gave me a new appreciation for how gruelling the job can be as we hadn't even worked the equivalent of a whole shift. On Friday night we had our pass out meal, this was so we could get all the officers and people who had helped and contributed to our course all in one place for a night. We all met for a drink before we went to the meal and we stayed well on past the meal. It was really good to see all the familiar faces and thank each person properly for helping us throughout our basic training. Only one more week to go now and there is still a lot of work to be done in the form of an exam, fitness test and an inspection by a Chief Officer.

Student Officer Ryan Wesley