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Week Five

We started our fifth week of training with an inspection, although there was still room for improvement in our dress, it was the best one so far as everybody took on board feedback from the last time.

Following that we took to the classroom to learn about stop & search procedures as well as stop and account, finishing the day with a knowledge check on everything we had learnt in the previous weeks. On Tuesday we took the theory we learnt on stop and search and put it into practice completing several different role plays throughout the day.

Wednesday was all about both criminal damage and criminal attempts, with theory in the morning and role plays in the afternoon. Just before lunch we had a fitness test in which every one of us significantly improved on our previous score in the bleep test.

The day which everybody was focused on was Thursday, because we had our very first exam in the morning, which to everyone's relief we all passed, after we all worked hard in the evenings to revise and remember the legislations we had already learnt. After being individually debriefed on our exam results we began to learn about fraud and the different sections within it.

We closed the week off with a talk from the economic crime division, which improved our understanding and knowledge of fraud, as well as giving us an insight into the department's role and their abilities.

Following this we then had an input on how to use our radios and why they are such an important resource. Once we had done this, we had an hour of drill during which we developed our marching skills and learnt more about what we will be doing during our pass out parade.