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Wk 11 - Search training, dealing with public order offences and suicide

By Student Officer Daniel Hopkins

Another week and another few topics to cover!

Monday started off with the very serious topic of suicides. Unfortunately the Bailiwick is not immune to suicide and it's something that we need to be prepared to deal with during our careers as Police Officers. We focused a fair bit of attention on chemical suicides and how best to see the signs and dangers of one and to make sure that anyone around is kept safe.

On Tuesday we headed off site to do some search training, which I might add is seriously good fun. As a group we took it in turns to conceal items around various rooms in a building and tasked our colleagues with finding them all. It's safe to say it's far easier to hide an item then it is to find it. You have to be meticulous and look through as much as you can, Even a small room can take hours to search properly!

1/2018 suicide training Later in the week we also went back over some old ground and freshened up on roleplays that we've already done such as traffic related offences. This was really important for us too so that we know we're staying sharp and that everything we've been learning is still fresh in our minds.

We've also spent this week going over various public order offences such as being Drunk in a Public Place (roleplay pictured) , Breach of the Peace, Affray and Assault. Once we had covered those we went off site again to partake in some roleplays where various topics were given to us and we had to deal with them as best as we could.

It might not sound like a week's worth of work but so much effort has gone in to it from all the recruits and we've ended the week feeling confident and happy with the general performances that we've given so far.  Personally I really enjoyed the search training and it's opened my eyes to another avenue in which my career could take me as an officer.