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Week Eighteen - Student reflections

As our student officers prepare for their Pass Out Parade, they reflect on what they have learnt over the past 18 weeks

"I have learnt more in this job than in any other, I don't think the learning will ever stop and the job will never stay the same."  Ryan Wesley

"Coming from education to a full time job is a big step, but I won't ever stop progressing throughout my career now that I'm here." Lewis Drummy

"It had challenging, varying experiences which produced one completely rewarding experience." Brett Hewlett

"It's been a challenging 18 weeks but I am pleased to say that we can all enjoy our Pass Out ceremony. We look forward to our careers as warranted officers." Hannah Kershaw

"It's been a demanding 18 weeks for us in the classroom learning the law that we will need as Police Officers. It's been good to work with such a supportive group and we can now all look forward to becoming warranted officers and beginning our careers." Louise Potter

"I was used to the routine of retail for the past 4 years but after joining the Guernsey Police it all changed; it has been 18 weeks full of challenges and hard work. It feels very rewarding knowing that all the hard work has paid off and we are now able to go on the streets and do our job." Silvio Abreu

"We have successfully passed the initial course and are feeling pleased. Training has been tough, but I'm excited to put what I have learnt into action." Jordan Taylor

"It's been a challenging and rewarding 18 week course, it's good to be at the end of it ready to start our careers as Police Officers." Peter Falla