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Week Two

Student Officer STEWART tells all about Week Two

After a successful first week within a new working environment, the Police and GBA student officers were deployed to three different areas to conduct a public survey questionnaire. We were put into groups of two with a number of set questions to be asked to members of the public. The first team deployed to St Martins another deployed to St Sampsons and the remainder two pairs deployed to St Peter Port. For many officers, this was the first time wearing uniform in public. So I got the impression that there was a mixture of nerves, excitement and a sense of pride among my colleagues.

The weather was extremely forgiving and I'm pretty sure the sun came out for parts of the questionnaire. The public were extremely helpful and ever so willing to answer our questions.

We returned to the Police station just before lunch and it was interesting to hear about the different experiences each team had with the general public. They were all positive experiences to say the least. We then had time to collect all the data from the different teams questionnaires and collaborate and create a presentation using our previously learnt presentation skills to deliver to the senior management team due later on in the week.

The presentation went smoothly and the Senior Management Team from the Police and the GBA were happy with our findings and efforts. They noted and appreciated the views and opinions from members of the public on subjects surrounding law enforcement. As a team, we received positive feedback which will most certainly aid in the development not only for myself but also for my student officer colleagues.

During week two we also covered topics surrounding Equality and Diversity. This subject is clearly a competency that every law enforcement officer needs to believe in. We then had an introduction into a law enforcement officers 'Bible', the pocket notebook. We covered writing styles and learnt what was or wasn't acceptable in a court of law. A major thing that I took away from this lesson was how vital it is as law enforcement officers to have the utmost integrity. So much relies on your honesty and the ability to make sound judgement.

To finish off a hard but extremely rewarding week, we rounded it off with a team building exercise. Now I am not allowed to give too much away but what I will say is that it involved, a blindfold, cup and saucer or The Cup and Saucer, an Aeroplane, Fort Le Marchant, a paintbrush , seaweed, a golf course and a lot of resilience.

Bring on Week 3.