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Wk 12 - PEACE Interview Training

By Student Officer Joseph Walsh

The week started off with Exam 2, so we didn't get to see much of the sun this weekend as we were all studying hard, quite an intense and anxious few days closely pursued by a fitness test. I'm pleased to say we all passed our exam and fitness test with flying colours.

Following the exam we had two days of theory based interviewing skills, learning the whole process of how it all works. From the planning and preparation needed before you even meet the interviewee to the hospitality aspect, making sure they are comfortable and have a tea or water.

Wednesday night was our police quiz charity night that we had all poured our hearts and souls into to make it a success and to raise as much money as possible for Ernie's angels our chosen charity! I am pleased to say that the night was a great success and we managed to raise just over £2000, a student officer record!

We ended the week with interview role plays, goldfish bowl style which means everyone surrounds you and watches everything you say and do! These were challenging but it is really useful to get everyone's feedback on your performance. I feel we have all really improved at our interview technique and we are looking forward to starting suspect interviewing next week!