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Week Three

Student Officer Silvio Abreu summarises Week Three

In week 3 things started to get a bit heavier - after receiving our pocket notebooks the week before, they are now part of our routine. This week we learnt a lot about arrest powers and how to manage evidence.

We got an input from SOCO (Scenes of Crime Officer). We started by learning what fingerprints are, how to look for them and how to take them. Then we scanned the fingerprints of each other in the class.

This was something completely new to us and is nothing like what you see on the TV or in movies. It takes a lot more time, concentration and practice. After a few tries the SOCO team were happy with the quality of the fingerprints we were taking, this made us all feel very happy and proud of ourselves.

After that it was time for DNA samples and just like the fingerprints there are many rules involved to ensure we get good ones.

The highlight of the week for all of us was the role plays. We had different situations where we had to put into practice the information we learnt about the power of arrest, being sent to a situation that you know little about and then having to resolve it the best way possible (this will always be a challenge because the same thing never happens twice).  It was a good challenge and enjoyed by all of us.