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Week One

An insight into the first week of the 18 week training course for new recruits.

Week 1 - by Student Officer Lewis Drummy

So we started on Saturday the 16th, it felt strange starting on a Saturday but it is something all of us would have to get used to if we were going to become Police Officers. We had a two day induction to the course on Saturday and Sunday which included getting our uniform, having a knowledge check on what we had been given prior to our start date and a few team building exercises to help everyone get to know each other better. 

Our first hour of the first proper day consisted meeting the Head of Law Enforcement, I was put down as duty student for the week and so my job was to meet the Head of Law Enforcement and invite him into the room. Big responsibility for my first day! We managed to have a chat and ask questions that we felt we wanted answered and get an overview of the course ahead which was very helpful. For the rest of that day we had a few more guest speakers come in to talk to us about the course and different sections which was definitely interesting.

Throughout the week we have had various guest speakers come in and talk to us about the different areas of Policing and what the Police can offer its officers.  This was really interesting to see, because all the different areas to specialise in made me excited to get out onto shift! I can speak for all the new officers when I say that the training is tough but at the end of the 18 weeks, it will definitely be worth it when we are out on the streets in uniform.