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Wk 1 - Inductions, Introductions and the first Inspection

By Student Officer BOURGAIZE

We began the first week of our 18-week ILEPD training on Saturday 29th September. The entire class of 8 people presented themselves at the Police Station in the morning, all brimming with excitement and a little apprehension for what lay ahead of us.

We started the day with group and staff introduction in which we got to know one and other as well as the staff who would be guiding us through most of the initial course. The group seemed to gel almost immediately which eased our reservations a little moving on through the day. We then moved onto cover the rules by which we must abide during the entirety of our training and then went through what we expected from the course. This was an opportunity to air our concerns and needs which we then went through with the staff so that everyone fully understood. Later, we tried on our uniform making sure everything fitted and then ended our first day.

The following day (Sunday) we began with our first knowledge check (a form of test) to gauge our understanding of the material we had been given to study before beginning in our new positions. Everybody did extremely well and we all demonstrated that we had a grasp of the information. Later, we covered the role of a constable as well as communication skills. These were useful as it highlighted what our job will consist of as well as highlighting the importance of good communication. The Police Service is a team and these inputs demonstrated how we need to work as such to achieve what we set out to do. 

We then moved into our first full week of training starting on Monday 1st October. During the first two days of this week, we covered topics such as the human rights as well as data protection and discipline. This was our first real introduction to the protocols that the Police Service must always follow to provide a professional service. Although many of us found it daunting at first, the instructors shared with us their personal experiences and put us at ease. Over these two days we had our first experience of drill and fitness. Everyone did brilliantly during the fitness tests but its safe to say the drill needs a little work. 

On Wednesday we began the day with our first inspection in full uniform. Everyone had been polishing boots and ironing their parade uniforms since Monday to prepare. Although a few faults were found, for a first attempt everybody did very well but with points to improve on moving forward. From this we moved into lessons across Wednesday and Thursday on the interesting history of Guernsey Law Enforcement as well as beginning our Personal Development Portfolios. These portfolios are documents that we will maintain throughout our training to reflect on what we have achieved and how we can improve. Everyone within the class understood immediately how useful this will be and we look forward to working on them through the weeks. We also had inputs on welfare and mental health and learning styles. 

Friday came much sooner than expected as we had all been so busy. During the day we began working on our public survey questionnaires which will be used during week 2 as well as finishing the day with personal tutorials with our Instructors. These tutorials gave us a chance to reflect on the entire week and cover and questions, queries or concerns we may have had. Overall its been a brilliant first week that has flown by. Although we are all exhausted after our first 7 days with Guernsey Police, we are all eager to see what the following weeks will bring.