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Week Four

Student Officer Peter Falla gives a run down of week four

After three full weeks of training (which seemed to have gone by very quickly) all of us are starting to settle into the routine of the course and the standard expected of us.

Week four started with an introduction to the force IT system which is quite complex but it's important that we know how to use it correctly as we will be using it on a daily basis when we get onto shift.

Following a full day on the computers Monday we were back in the classroom for some law theory input on Tuesday. It was a busy day learning about theft, robbery and burglary but these were the building blocks for our role plays planned for later in the week.

After a lot of studying, Wednesday afternoon was our first roleplay of the week. A few of us were a bit nervous heading into them, having to remember all the information we had studied and to put the theory into practice. We all gave our best efforts and although we weren't perfect we did alright and were given constructive feedback to take into our role plays the following day.

Another evening of studying took place before our second set of role plays. A lot of us felt our feedback from yesterday had been useful and we were able to put our new knowledge into practice. There are still many areas to improve on but I know I finished Thursday very happy with how the role plays went.

Friday we were back behind the computers and this time we were given tasks to input some data into the training database. After a few wrong entries we started to understand how the system worked.