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Week Four

Student Officer SHARMAN explains how Week 4 went for the Police students and Student Officer PLAYER tells us about the learning from the Border Agents week....

So after a refreshing weekend we were back in the thick of things, Monday kicked off for the Police students with lessons on THEFT, ROBBERY and BURGLARY. We learnt about how each offence differs from each other and all the definitions, we were given paper scenarios to test our knowledge, in this we had to choose which offence we believed to have been committed. 

The next day we covered powers of entry, who knew there were so many ways to go through a door! We learnt about the different legal sections and what criteria you need to meet before exercising your powers. In the afternoon we covered "Going Equipped" this very much relates back to our lessons on Monday, again we did group discussions on this and also a small knowledge check at the end of the section to show we had understood it. We also looked at ID Methods and the ways the Police do this, such as using PROMAT (Profile Matching) or "Street ID's". 

Wednesday was a practical day for us as we had a day of role-plays! We were each given a scenario and had to deal with it and demonstrate the correct and lawful use of our powers of entry and arrest, and also making sure we get all the correct information in our PNB's (Pocket Notebooks). It was a great day and really helped to cement our learning, so big thanks to the role-players for helping out!

Thursday was another hands on day, we covered offensive weapons. We learnt about the three different types of offensive weapons, and we were given a box of weapons ranging from flick knives to machetes and were tasked to sort them out into the three categories. For the rest of the day we had Stop and Search, this will form a huge part of our role and we learnt the theory and how to fill out the forms. We practiced stopping and searching each other for the remainder of the day.

Friday arrived and we had a knowledge check first thing in the morning, and we all passed well. For the majority of the day we were down at the CO-OP Homemaker in Lowlands Industrial Estate. We were doing some stop and search role plays, scenarios differed but it started with a call from the control room reporting somebody acting suspiciously in the area, you then had to deal with the situation as appropriate. Again these role-plays are really beneficial for our development, allowing us to put our learning to practical use. Big thanks to the role-players and Staff Bonnel for spending nearly all day outside in the cold!  Now on to week 5!


Over in the Border Agents classroom, after a hectic previous week getting our heads around the various laws that intertwine and how they apply and are applied to the role of customs officers, combined with reinforcing our knowledge by ever more detailed and challenging role plays we all welcomed the the change and challenge of "rummage" training.

We were privileged to have the course delivered by two very experienced, knowledgeable and helpful staff from Customs and Excise in Dover. 

Dover is the centre of excellence for "rummaging" in the U.K. and they deliver courses across the U.K and  many other places in the world. 

I'm not about to give away any ideas or concepts we learned or practiced, but it's safe to say we all learn a huge amount both  practically and conceptually about what space there maybe in and around components and how inventive and ingenious some people can be.