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Alderney Doctor Investigation Media Release 2

Alderney Doctor Investigation - 7th April 2015 update from Chief of Police Patrick Rice


Statement from Chief of Police Patrick Rice:


'As I'm sure is appreciated, the investigation remains in its infancy and therefore I am limited in what I can say at the moment. However, it is important that members of the public are kept as informed as possible so I will disclose what I can.

'A significant amount of medical records were seized when officers searched the Eagle Medical Practice and a private residential address on Thursday [2nd April]. Computers were also seized.

'The team of 10 officers who travelled to Alderney also included family liaison officers, deployed to help support the families of the patients in question, and a Neighbourhood Policing Team Sergeant tasked with engaging with the Alderney community, who were understandably concerned by news of this investigation. 

'Our family liaison officers have remained in regular contact with families over the Easter weekend, and offered support and advice where needed.

'Our Neighbourhood Policing Team Sergeant has met with community leaders and spoken to a wide range of islanders over the last few days. Our Alderney-based police officers will continue this work as we seek to ensure islanders are being reassured about this serious investigation.

'I will repeat that this decisive early police action was necessary in order to ensure the protection of the public, which is always our main focus.

'The investigation will be conducted as expeditiously as possible, however, given its nature and complexity it could take a considerable amount of time to conclude. Therefore, I would once again urge people to not take part in unhelpful comment or speculation.'



Issued by Joel de Woolfson, Communications Manager for Law Enforcement, telephone number 719451